Video Game Challenge

Did you know that video-game players recently solved a molecular puzzle that stumped scientists for years and that there are games being created to solve real-world problems?  The National Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Video Game Challenge is all about taking your interest in playing video games and empowering you to create them.  The competition is open to middle school students (grades 5-8), high school students, college students and educators.

You can enter the competition on your own, but if you'd like some guidance about the tools you can use and the steps to follow for designing and implementing your awesome game, you can join TechKim January 9 through March 8.  The competition closes on March 12.  More info @

TechKim is leading 2 workshops in Charlottesville, VA at Mountaintop Montessori and Computers4Kids beginning January 9 and will provide weekly activities online for virtual workshop participants.  If you live in or around Charlottesville and want to participate in a local contest, contact

Jane McGonigal creates a game to help people get SuperBetter

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